HardKor PR Halloween PICS are UP!

Check out our AMAZING pics from our EPIC party last Saturday night!  Great job Snap Yourself!  As always.   We are still SO IMPRESSED with all of the incredible costumes.   Go check ’em out!  HardKor Halloween Pics!


Foster The People: Call It What You Want (Video Premiere)

Well, looks like FTP has outdone Lady Gaga as far as the bizarreness factor goes.  With some similar scenes from LG’s vid ‘Paparazzi’ Mark Foster leads his band through a series of… questionable events for their newest vid and my FAV single ‘Call It What You Want’ off their freshman album ‘Torches’.  All in all I love these dudes.  I appreciate their “I don’t give a ish” attitude.  Bring on the weirdness guys!  We dig.  -HKPR

Foster The People: Call It What You Want (Video Premiere) – hardcandymusic.com.